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KUTLU KURUYEMİŞ Either by contacting our subsidiary or by online contact, according to your choice, you can always reach our warm and fresh taste of dried fruits. WHO WE ARE Established at the beginning in Arnavutköy / Istanbul, our small but sincere company of dried fruits is very quickly widespread over several regions of Istanbul. From our beginning in this field, our goal has always been to offer a better flavor. Thereby we always thought that everyone should be able to taste the best quality. That's why "The Quality You Deserve" has become our slogan. Our basic principles, using our feasibility studies, always take into account suggestions and complaints to improve and put into practice the customer satisfaction. Starting with fresh dried fruit, coffee grilled over a wood fire, various Turkish delights, sweet chestnuts, tropical dry fruits, and fresh organic eggs, we await you in our subsidiaries with our best smiling face. SUPPLYING AND PRODUCTS PROCESSING We do not just get each product where it's best grown, but in order to give the best flavor to a product, we source the best products from all over the world. In order to offer a variety of flavors, we are sourcing the nuts at the same time from Kahramanmaraş, Çorum and Şili. We source the hazelnut from Giresun, Ordu and Trabzon, the grilled chickpea from Giresun, Denizli and Kütahya. Acting selectively, we source the apricot from his native Malatya, the dark blood grapes from Kilis, the mulberry from Elaziğ and the fig from Aydın. In addition to that, we also import dates from Medina and Jerusalem, pineapples from Brazil and Philippines, and products such as dry mango from India. We also have a variety of Turkish delight such as the famous and celebrated Turkish delight powder from Antep and the chocolate Turkish delight. The products selected and taken to our factory are again carefully selected, are kept in cold air storage and, when the time comes, are carefully transferred to our subsidiaries. As Kutlu Kuruyemiş, our goal will be to always sell products of the same flavor and quality. OUR STORY Our journey as Kutlu Kuruyemiş started with the idea of better quality and better service. Even if it is a new organization, our company, which has gained experience with its experienced employees and the most advanced production techniques, strives and will always strive to promote this wonderful taste all over the world. OUR MISSION Always provide fresh products and, with our sincere and warm friendship, render the best possible services, will be our best and biggest goal. OUR VISION With our R & D efforts, to meet you in our new subsidiaries, and that in the shortest possible time, will be our hope and our goal. MODERN MACHINERY To select our products, we use tables with moving strips, and in order to preserve the same tastes and flavors, we use smart cooking ovens located at the top of the modern design. PASSWORD As Kutlu Kuruyemiş, with our smiley face, our slogan and our password are to provide the best qualities and the fresher products. OUR SUBSIDIARIES We will soon be with you in the subsidiaries of Kutlu Kuruyemiş, whose production sites are located in the county of Arnavutköy, one of the most important districts of Istanbul, in the fast track of delevopment. ISTANBUL SALES OFFICE Our sales office opened its doors in the center of Arnavutköy. SUBSIDIARIES Soon with the franchising system. PRODUCTS We are with you with all kinds of dried fruit varieties.



“İslambey Mah., Akansel Sk., No: 6/8 A, Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey”

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“+90 537 432 18 39 - +90 537 432 18 29”

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